Create a Saved Search programmatically with multiple conditions

Hello Teams,

On a project I am requirement to create a saved Multiple  saved search programmatically. The requirement is

#1) The list of files is between 10 to 20 documents, they are in different folders and does not have pattern in the file format that can be used.

#2) The exact document name and version number will be provided, say for this sample would be  Name: DOC1  Rev.ver: P11 ,Name: DOC2 Rev.ver.:P12, … Name: DOC15 , Rev.ver:W00 

#3) The files are of the type Revit

Based on the sample files script provided I only see one criteria

Add-PWSavedSearch -SearchName 'Search01' -SearchFolder 'Top Level\Project 01\RVT'

-SearchSubFolders -DocumentName 'Doc1'

- FileName %.rvt

-Attributes @{Rev.Ver = "P11";}

-States "Default" -Verbose


How do I add multiple Search criteria which I can from the "ADD OR Group" to add multiple criteria (image 1)

The attribute column should be display text or internal attribute name.