Add data to identity tab without converting user type


We are trying to convert our on-premise Projectwise users to IMS without converting their User Type, which is currently Windows Synchronized.
(so basically just add the email to the federated identity tab)

What we are doing are:
Get-PWUsersInUserList -UserList Test33 | Convert-PWUserToFederated -DoNotChangeUserType

This changes nothing in the user properties, .. this, however, works:

Get-PWUsersInUserList -UserList Test33 | Convert-PWUserToFederated

But this converts users to Federated authentication, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid.

Something seems to be wrong with the way we use the -DoNotChangeUserType parameter.

PWPS_DAB Version:
PW server Version:

Any ideas on what we are doing incorrectly ?

Kind regards.

Morten Pathuel

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