Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles access error

I am using Windows 10, PWPS_DAB version

When trying to use this cmdlet, I get the warnings

"Possible undercount due to 'Use Access Control' being set on."

"No files found in storage areas.  Probably represents account access error."

"Your current account appears to have no access to the storage areas. at PWPS_DAB.GetPWMissingStorageAreaFiles.ProcessRecord()"

I saw in the notes for a PWPS_DAB update, that the Use Access Control is turned off when this cmdlet is run, so that can't be it.  I did try turning off access control too, which didn't help.

Also, I have tried two different sets of credentials, both of which have full access to the storage areas on the servers.

The code line is simply

Get-PWMissingStorageAreaFiles -FolderPath 'ZZ-FirstPWUse' -FolderProgressInterval 0 -DocumentProgressInterval 0

Any ideas?

Anyone used this cmdlet successfully?

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