Saved searches (again!)

hi everyone - We have a business unit that organizes saved searches in "subfolders", but it seems like the PW Saved Searches commands don't handle sub searches at all.  Am I missing something?


  • We'll look into it.

    Dan Williams
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  • No, they don't. That's primarily because the SDK functions don't really support managing the "Nested" searches very well. The folders are not even folders, they are simply searches that are parents to other searches.

    The only way to make this work relatively easily in PS is to uniquely name your Saved Searches. It is possible to build them in a hierarchy under the defined root, but to find them requires traversing the returned list to find the right one based on name. Creating a Saved Search with the name 'Query1\Query2\Search" will create the saved search, "Search" in the "Folder" "Query2" which is a "Sub-folder" of "Query1". It is not possible to Get a Saved Search in the same manner. The cmdlet are relative to the root location, i.e. Global or Project specific.