Remove-PWFolderSecurity not removing userlist from subfolders

Good Afternoon,

I am having an issue with the Remove-PWFolderSecurity cmdlet not removing a userlist from subfolders. I have added the userlist to the project root but do not want the subfolders to inherit them. I have been trying to remove them with Remove-PWFolderSecurity cmdlet but with no luck. Does the fact that they are inherited from the parent cause this issue? I am able to manually remove them from PW Explorer, but obviously would not want to do it that way. I am running the latest PWPS_DAB module (;  PW server / admin.

# Select ProjectWise Folder 
$PWProject = Show-PWFolderBrowserDialog | Get-PWFolderPathAndProperties

# Get ProjectWise Project Folder Tree
$PWProjectFolders = Get-PWFolders -FolderPath $PWProject.FullPath | Get-PWFolderPathAndProperties

$PWProject | Update-PWFolderSecurity -MemberType userlist -MemberName Projects_Access -MemberAccess "r","fr" -FolderSecurity -DocumentSecurity -Verbose
$PWProject | Update-PWFolderSecurity -MemberType userlist -MemberName Projects_Access -MemberAccess "na" -DocumentSecurity -Verbose

# Remove from child folders if inherited from parent
$PWProjectFolders | Where-Object {$_.Name -ne $PWProject.Name} | Remove-PWFolderSecurity -MemberType userlist -MemberName Projects_Access -FolderSecurity -DocumentSecurity -Verbose

I have also tried to use a foreach loop with the same results.