Error 32768 with New-PWLogin

What does the error code 32768 mean?

Things used to work fine and it started failing consistently.

Using the same data source and credentials.

Version of ProjectWise is Powershell module version is pwps_dab OS: Win 10 Enterprise

Authentication is 'Projectwise' (logical)

Network settings are correct and pwping confirms that.

It works ok, using PW explorer.

code looks like:

$PWLogin = @{
  Verbose                     = $true
  DatasourceName              = $DatasourceName
  UserName                    = $PwUserName
  Password                    = ConvertTo-SecureString -String $PwPassword -AsPlainText -Force
  BentleyIMS                  = $false
  DoNotCreateWorkingDirectory = $true
  LoadWRE                     = $false
  NonAdminLogin               = $false
  UseGui                      = $false

$LoginStatus = New-PWLogin @PWLogin


VERBOSE: Logging in to '<datasource-name>'...

WARNING: Error logging in to '<datasource-name>' 32768

Is there a way to turn on verbose logging using the Powershell module. It would help troubleshooting the issue.

ProjectWise Explorer has C:\Program Files(x86)\Bentley\ProjectWise\bin\pwc.log.xml to control logging levels.
Is there anything equivalent for pwps_dab?

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