Hi Guys.

Another small issue from my side.

I have got a script checking up on users last login date.

The line I run is:

Get-PWUserByLastLogin -DaysAgo 180 | where {$_.Disabled -eq $False -and $_.type -eq 'Logical'} | select Email, UserID, UserName, Description, LastLogin, CreationDate, Type, SecProvider

The same users appear in this list.

Get-PWUserByLastLogin -DaysAgo 180 | where {$_.Disabled -eq $False -and $_.type -eq 'Logical'} 

For some reason or other users, only a few, who recently have logged in appear in the list.

The LastLogin shows, for mostly all  these users year 2015. For example '23-12-2015 03:36'.

Looking into the AuditTrail, I can see, that the users really did log in two days prier to my job-run.

When I check in the ProjectWise Admin I can see that 'Last Login Date' matches the Audit Trail.

My current fix, is checking the date in the AuditTrail.

Has anyone seen this issue?

Best Regards Christian

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