How to add Members(who are already a part of PW Workarea - Rich Project as User Lists) to a CONNECTed Project though Powershell script

Good Morning Gentlemen,

We (B&V) are trying to implement Bentley IMS on our Production Environment (~20 datasources, 20K internal & external users) in two phases :
1. Converting Windows Sync/Windows/Logical users to Federated - tested via Powershell Script - using Convert-PWUserToFederated 
2. Creating a corresponding CONNECT project for every ProjectWise Workarea - tested via Powershell Script - using Add-PWConnectedProject

This will result in hundreds (even thousands) of CONNECT projects.We have around 20K active users on our Environment (including external).

Queries are as follows:
1. Adding the members to CONNECT Project - Either we can add individually or through an excel sheet 1000 users at a time. But keeping in mind the huge number of users(~20K), this calls for a lot of manual work(for multiple projects /datasources). Is there a way where we could add entire organisation (e.g Internal Black & Veatch Users or even our External Contractors) ? Without manually adding one by one or even through a list.

2. Secondly, this would also mean that for all the new users we will have to manually add them everytime to all the CONNECT Projects (thousands in number) which is again a huge manual work.

3. Is there a way to add an entire organisation (and hence its members) as members of a CONNECT project ?

We are basically looking for an optimized way to add multiple users to our CONNECTed projects. Preferably, add all the existing participants(currently in form of user lists) of a PW work area (Rich Project) as the members of a CONNECT project through script.

I am aware of the commandlet- Add-PWUsersToConnectedProject but would really appreciate some advise on this. 

Sorry for long post and trivial questions(if any) and thanks in advance.

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 Abhishek Bourai (

Enterprise Content & Collaboration Consultant, LTI

Black & Veatch