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PS Group,

I have used the Get-PWstatistics for my entire DS, but now running a report for each Work Area/Rich project, I want to get the document count, I don't see any command line to get the value for a particular work are/rich project, what am I missing?

  • Stephen,

    Get-PWStatistics returns what you see in the ProjectWise Administrator client when you select the Statistics tab on a datasource's property dialog.  It doesn't have any data for specific Work Areas/Rich Projects.

    If you want a document count per folder tree, Work Area/Rich Project or just a Folder, you could use Get-PWDocumentsBySearch.

    For a count of documents in a specific folder, try this:

    (Get-PWDocumentsBySearch -FolderPath 'dww\drawings' -JustThisFolder).count

    And if you want a count of documents in the folder and its subfolders, just remove the -JustThisFolder switch.

    Take a look at the help for other parameters that you can specify such as -GetVersionsToo as that will count the versions as well.

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