Temp folder access denied error


Seeing an error on 1 project out of 10 that I imported, while  doing an import with PWPS_DAB.ImportExport command. 

The cmdlt is erroring (below) and killing the process for just this one project. Rest process through just fine. 

Some details below:

1. Logged in the local machine with a different account than the registered (IMS) Connection client login.  Thought this might be the issue but other projects sync in to ProjectWise just fine

2. The local machine account has full control at the temp folder level

3. Cleared out the temp folder and all seems to start  syncing  but again errors out with the below error

4. Can open the file with out any issues on the temp directory

5. files that error never make it in to ProjectWise

6. Yes rebooted

7. Latest PWPS_DAB

8. Latest Windows OS security patches 

VERBOSE: Copying to 'C:\Users\<user profile>\AppData\Local\Temp\d68ta\CD Label (BW).docx'.
WARNING: Error: Access to the path 'C:\Users\<user profile>\AppData\Local\Temp\d68ta\CD Label (BW).docx' is denied.
   at System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)
   at System.IO.File.InternalDelete(String path, Boolean checkHost)
   at System.IO.File.Delete(String path)
   at PWPS_DAB.ImportExport.CreateNewDocumentOrVersionInFolderFromImportProcess(Int32 iTargetProjectId, String
sPossiblyLongFilePath, Int32& iCreatedDocumentId, Int32& iExistingDocument, Boolean bCreateNewVersion, Boolea
n bOverwrite, PSCmdlet cmdlet)
   at PWPS_DAB.ImportExport.ProcessFileForImport(String sPossiblyLongFilePathForImport, FileSizeAndDate fsd, S
tring sSourceFolder, String sParentPWFolder, SortedList`2& slProjects, Int32 iStorageId, Int32 iEnvId, Int32 i
WfId, Int32 iState, Boolean bCreateNewVersion, Boolean bOverwrite, Boolean bMatchDisk, Boolean bRemoveSourceFo
lderFromPath, Boolean bServerIsUtc, Boolean bSkipDateCheck, PSCmdlet cmdlet)
   at PWPS_DAB.ImportExport.ImportFilesFromDisk(SortedList`2 slExts, String sMonitoredFolder, String sParentPa
th, Int32 iStorageId, Int32 iEnvironmentId, Int32 iWorkflowId, Int32 iState, Boolean bDoDeleteProcessing, Bool
ean bCreateNewVersion, Boolean bOverwrite, Boolean bMatchDisk, Boolean bRemoveSourceFolderFromPath, Boolean bS
erverIsUtc, Boolean bSkipDateCheck, String sValidationReport, SortedList`2 slExclusions, PSCmdlet cmdlet)
Transfer Time: 00:49:14.2031144