Full User data export from ProjectWise Administrator?

We used to be able to get a full data export from ProjectWise Administrator that included last login and identity information. Since our upgrade to 3.280, the export no longer provides all of the data it did previously. We have tried the suggested PowerShell options for Get-PWUsersByMatch and Get-PWUserByLastLogin, but the Get-PWUsersByMatch does not include the last login information, and the Get-PWUserByLastLogin is not reporting all of the accounts and does not include the Identity information. We really need a way to get the export with all the information like we were able to do before.

Get-PWUsersByMatch | ConvertTo-DataTable | New-XLSXWorkbook -OutputFileName C:\PowerShell\PWUsersByMatch.xlsx

Get-PWUserByLastLogin | ConvertTo-DataTable | New-XLSXWorkbook -OutputFileName C:\PowerShell\PWUserLastLogin.xlsx

Thank you,

Gary Nelson