Get-PWDMIncomingRFIsWithProperties BTSTypes

Does anyone have any experience with using the PWDM cmdlets?

I currently have a script working that uses the Get-PWDMIncomingRFIsWithProperties to list out all RFIs within a date range and then extract all the information for those by looping through the results and putting the attributes into a data table. All that is working fine, but on exporting to csv or using the New-XLSXWorkbook cmdlet I end up with 4 columns that contain System.Collections that are not readable, they are just objects, as follows;





I understand why they are coming out like this, but I was wondering if anyone can suggest an efficient way to convert the collections to a comma separated string that will be readable in csv and xlsx.

I am googling to find solutions, but I was hoping someone might have some code they wouldn't mind sharing?

I'm assuming that the BTSTypes are just a custom version of the System.Collections and can be opened up in a similar way?

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