Exporting Multiple Document Properties [Not Using Import/Export to Excel Tool]

Question related to exporting document property data from our Datasource (not the actual files).

Looking to extract document properties for about ~12,500 files, for use on another task. The amount of documents will continue to grow as the Project develops.

The document properties I am looking for are Object GUID, File Name, Folder Name, Folder ID, Created By, File Updated and File Path.

Performing this task using the standard Import/Export To Excel tool in PW takes ~ 55-60 minutes. (Searching for files using Saved Search, highlighting documents and adding to the list, running through the wizard and finally letting the process run). This process is run multiple times a week, so I am hoping I can speed it up or optimize it.

Looking at the PowerShell commands, 

Get-PWDocumentsBySearch - This can be used to obtain some of the document properties, but is missing Object GUID & Created/Updated.

Is there something that would help get the missing properties?

Also, would this be possible/quicker if querying the database directly on the server?