Remove-PWFolderSecurity Not working to remove user from Project Security

I'm trying to dynamically go through all project folders to find those with users that have assigned access then remove that access.  Below is the latest attempt and from everything I can find it looks mostly correct.

#Get all the Project Folders for a Disciplin
foreach ($ProjectFolder in $ProjectFolders) {
Write-Host $ProjectFolder.ProjectID
$PWProject = $ProjectFolder.ProjectID

# get the security settings for the project forlders
$PWAccessControls = Get-PWFolderSecurity -InputFolder $PWProject | Where-Object Type -eq 'User'
# Get the detail information about Access Control Filter
foreach ($PWAccessControl in $PWAccessControls) {
# Create new datarow.
$dr = $dt.NewRow()
# Populate datarow.
$dr.ProjectID = $ProjectFolder.ProjectID
$dr.ProjectName = $PWAccessControl.ProjectName
$dr.SecurityType = $PWAccessControl.SecurityType
$dr.Type = $PWAccessControl.Type
$dr.Name = $PWAccessControl.Name
$dr.Access_Control_Settings = $PWAccessControl.Access_Control_Settings
$dr.DSName = $TxDOTDataSource
$dr.District = $DistrictFolder
$dr.Discipline = $Discipline
# Add datarow to datatable.
Write-Host $dr.ProjectName
Write-Host $ProjectFolder.ProjectID
Write-Host $dr.Name
Write-Host $dr.Type
Remove-PWFolderSecurity -InputFolder $ProjectFolder.ProjectID -MemberName $PWAccessControl.Name -MemberType user -FolderSecurity -ErrorAction Stop

} # Getting details on AccessList List Data

} #End Get all project folders for a discipline

I'm using the write-host to tell me what is processing and everything appears to work except the Remove-PWFolderSecurity line.  What am I missing?