Wishlist: importing from spreadsheet and scanning from reference files

This is a 3 part "wish list" request, if such a list exists:

  1. I have seen postings on this forum with folks who have had similar results to mine.  I try to import files with Import-PWDocumentsBySpreadsheet using a spreadsheet that works fine using the GUI, but fails with the error "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" if I try to do the same thing using PowerShell.  Other messages on this forum point to specific fields that are required by this PowerShell function.  however, these fields have different names when importing (or exporting, for that matter) using the GUI.
  2. It would be really REALLY helpful if there was a way to execute the GUI function "Scan references and link sets..." using PowerShell
  3. It would be super duper EXTRA helpful if there was a way to execute the "Import Project" and other editing functions of the "ProjectWise Data Shortcut Project Editor" using PowerShell.  I know this one is a bit obscure, but would be VERY helpful for importing and exporting Civil 3D projects.

Thank you!!!