ProjectWise Deliverables Management CONNECT Edition Update 1 Readme

This is the readme for ProjectWise Deliverables Management connector for ProjectWise Explorer, and includes an introduction to the product, requirements, configuration instructions, and what's new in CONNECT Edition Update 1.

  • Bentley needs to post a PDF of this.  The CHM file does not open.

  • Note about opening "blocked" CHMs - This download is a ZIP file that includes the CHM readme. If after downloading the ZIP file and extracting the CHM you open the CHM and it is blank - the CHM  is probably "blocked". This sometimes happens after a download - it's a Windows thing, nothing we can do to prevent it that I know of. To unblock a CHM, right-click the CHM, select Properties, then if there is an "Unblock" button at the bottom of the General tab, click it. Then open the CHM.