Bentley Transmittal Services Data Export Tool

Bentley Transmittal Services were released 8 years ago and are now being deprecated. To preserve all the service data, make it easily searchable and viewable the Bentley Transmittal Services data export tool was created.

The export tool is a PowerShell script that allows you to export information about transmittal packages into excel spreadsheets. The exported information can later be stored in ProjectWise Design Integration and searched for as needed. Furthermore, each document issued within transmittal, the cover letters and received response attachments that are stored in ProjectWise Design Integration will be reachable using the automatically generated links within the excel spreadsheets. This will enable Bentley Transmittal Services users to retain transmittals information for archival or legal purposes, as well as help switch to ProjectWise Deliverables Management service to manage their contractual communication in all the future projects.

Please note that the current version of this tool does not export the zip packages from the BTS database. This feature is being worked on and will be included in the next version of the tool.

ProjectWise Deliverables Management service includes all the Bentley Transmittal Services features allowing to send out transmittal packages for review and approval as well as a lot of other features (ability to receive incoming documents form vendors/partners/subs for review/approval, ability to send/ receive Requests For Information and General Correspondence, ability to use Document Distribution Matrix to help send the right data to the right people, resending new document versions, etc.)

There is a PDF document included in the zip file that provides instructions on how to use the tool