Creating Portable Plan Sets from a machine other than the Archive machine

You need access to three files on the server, they are: CreatePPS.exe, creatersc.dll and pps.bin

These files are located in C:\Program Files\ProjectWise InterPlot Server\bin directory.  You can also copy these same files locally.


Run CreatePPS.exe


Type in the URL for your digital archive (http://mystry/dprweb), and then click OK.  The ProjectWise InterPlot Server web page displays in the right (view) pane.


Use the “Search archive” or “Browse archive” icon to locate the desired plot sheet.


Click the thumbnail to display the plot sheet.  The Add button is activated in the left (collection) pane.


Click Add, to add the plot sheet to the plan set.  Continue this process to add the remaining plot sheets.


Select Tools > Create Plan Set.  The Save As dialog box displays


Type in the File name for the plan set, and then click Save.  A confirmation dialog box displays.


Click OK.