How To Print 1331 Color Samples

Note: MicroStation SS3 is required if printing the color samples with native MicroStation printing. Previous MicroStation versions do not support InterPlot Design script.

The 1331cols.dgn and the 1331cols.pen files can be used to generate a plot that contains 1331 different color samples.  After reviewing the output, you can manipulate the RGB (Red, Blue, Green) values associated with the desired color samples and incorporate them into your own Design Scripts, MicroStation pen tables and MicroStation color tables.   To generate the 1331 color samples, perform the following:

1. Display 1331cols.dgn with MicroStation.

2. Place a fence around the entire design file if your plotter can output E-size (A0) plots.  If your plotter cannot generate an E-size (A0) plot -OR- if you would like larger color samples then you may want to place a fence around just a portion of the file.  (Do not be concerned that the color samples in the design file are not filled.  The Design Script will fill them.)

3. Invoke IPLOT or the MicroStation SS3 Print Dialog.  Specify the printer, output size, and the 1331cols.pen Design Script.  It does not matter what color table is used, since the Design Script specifies each sample's color. 

4. After the plot is generated, you can view the 1331 color samples (along with their RGB values) to determine which samples produced the colors that you would like to use in your plots.  For each of the selected color samples on the plot, multiply the RGB values associated with the sample by 2.55, and then round each one down to the nearest integer.


If after looking at the 1331 color samples, you see a particular shade of pink (with RGB values of 100, 20, and 90) that you would like to use in your plots, then you would multiply each of the RGB values by 2.55 and round them down to the nearest integer.

 100 x 2.55 = 255

 20  x 2.55 =  51

 90  x 2.55 = 229.5 = 229

 Therefore, the RGB values that could be incorporated into a pen table, Design Script, or color table to generate this shade of pink are (255, 51, 229).