Publisher SS1 and AutoCAD 2010 dwg

Are you still using Publisher SS1? and can't publisher AutoCAD 2010 dwg files?

Well first suggestion would be of course to upgrade to the latest release ProjectWise SS2 ( [:D]
However if you really want to stay on SS1 then you can install the  ‘Bentley V8i (Select Series 1) – Autodesk® RealDWG 2010’  ( enhancements and updates pack.


1.Go to the select download site, select the below option in the listed categories. 
             a. Product Line: MicroStation
             b. Download Category: Enancements and Updates
             c. Files Posted within last: 1 Year
             d. click on the Search Button

2. Search results will show ‘Bentley V8i (Select Series 1) – Autodesk® RealDWG 2010’  ( 
3. Download and Install this on your publishing server, reboot after installation is required