Redirected Printers

Printers show up as "Redirected", what does this mean?  When opening the ProjectWise InterPlot Error Logging utility, a message is recevied that Error logging cannot be set for redirected printers.

Terminal Services provides printer redirection, which routes printing jobs from a server to a printer that is attached to a client computer or to a shared printer that is available to the client computer. When a user establishes a remote session with a terminal server, the redirected printer will be available to applications running in the remote session.

This can cause a problem when trying to access InterPlot Accounting/Error Logging.

To disable the Redirection for Windows printer on Windows 2008 server, do the following:

1. Logon Windows 2008 Server via an admin account.

2. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Terminal Service -> Terminal Service Configuration

3. Double Click the RDP-TCP in the "Connections" Section, Go to Client Settings.

4. In the Redirection section, Tick on Windows Printer to Disable the Redirection from client.

See below if you have trouble finding the Terminal Service Configuration, see below.

1) Open the Terminal Services Configuration console (tsconfig.msc)
2) Double-click RDP-Tcp
3) On the Client Settings tab, select Windows Printer in order to disable printer redirection for all users