VPR Background Color's Black, Red, Blue and More...

By default Publishing Server  displays a white background on the client VPR component. 

You can however follow these simple steps to change the back ground color. Most common HTML color codes are listed below,

other colors can be found: http://www.htmlcolorcodes.org/


1. Navigate to Start --> All Programs --> Bentley --> ProjectWise Publishing Server V8i

2. Click on the ProjectWise Publishing Server V8i Administration. (or you can type http://localhost:8082 in a browser)

3. Click on Global Settings (left pane) under Publishing Workspaces and Under the Augement Query heading type &rgb=0|000000 <--You only have to change the characters after |

4. Click on Caching Settings (left pane) and click on  Vector, Rastor and ProjectWise to clear out the cached files. Click on sumbit

5. Click on Server control (left page) and click on Restart server (right) (this will only restart the Publisher Services. 


Black: 000000


Red: CC0000


Blue: 000033