What is new in ProjectWise Dynamic Plot V8i (SELECTseries 4)

PDF Portfolio Printing

ProjectWise InterPlot Organizer can print PDF files that are included in a PDF Portfolio. Dynamic plots created from printing these PDF files to a ProjectWise Dynamic Plot system can be marked up with a digital pen.

Support for writing markup files in ProjectWise Projects

If you specify $project as part of the file naming pattern on the ProjectWise Dynamic Plot Administration page, the system searches for a ProjectWise Project to determine where to put the markup files. The search starts in the folder where the original document resides and moves up the tree until it locates the first ProjectWise Project. If a Project is not found, the markup files will be placed in the source document´s folder.

Create separate markups in overlay.dgn files

You can create separate markups in overlay.dgn files by placing a gesture-based markup around your annotations. The Dynamic Plot system recognizes a gesture of a closed circle with a dot at the end as a signal to create a separate markup for the area you enclosed. Separating markups can make it easier to manage reviewer comments and integrate them back into the original design files.

Redline (*.RDL) files are no longer supported

ProjectWise Dynamic Plot Sync will store markups only in overlay (*.overlay.dgn) and PDF files; the older redline (.RDL) format used by ProjectWise Navigator XM Edition and the former Bentley Redline products is no longer supported.