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iplot - creating 'extra' PLOT NAME files

When creating pdf's using iplot every now and then I get 'extra' Plot Name' files in the list.

Does anybody know what iplot is looking at to create these files?

Thank you

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  • Most likely you are using an IPLOT settings file to define the plot area.  More than one plot area is being found therefore resulting in multiple sheets appearing in InterPlot Organizer.  If you preview the other sheets, what do they looking like?  If they are the same as the first sheet, one possiblity is the settings file is looking for a shape and the shape exists mutliple times.

  • In reply to Dawn Clark Gentry:

    Thanks Dawn, I did find one shape in a reference file (that had no business being there). I can't find the other one but I'll keep looking.

    I'd like to ask you more question, I have taken a look that .set file and notice that a line that looks like a border file is commented out  --   #area_file=[bdf,BORDER,border]............ is this refering to the logical name? if you'd like to see the whole file I can send it to you but if that's beyond what this site is about, no worries.

    Thanks for your help!

  • The strings given for area_files should be either actual design filenames (without directory names), logical names (IPLOT_ALL, IPLOT_R1, etc.), or reference file logical names.  In your example, I would say it is looking for the reference file logical names.  If this line is preceded by a # then it would be commented out and not used.  I am guessing your settings file is ASCII not binary.

  • In reply to Dawn Clark Gentry:

    Ok, the settings file is not binary.

    One last iplot question :-| I swear!!! when using iplot through projectwise we have an problem of linestyles not coming through in pdfs or prints. In the attached image iplot doesn't display any line styles and microstation does (as usual). The D.O.T. sent out memo where it told 'us' to add a line of code into the iplotsrv.cfg file. I added it but it didn't work this time. I had added the line to the older version of iplot I was using but had to upgrade iplot to SS4 recently.

    Any ideas on where I should look next to resolve this linestyle issue?

    Thanks again for your help

  • Are you using managed workspaces in ProjectWise or local workspaces?  If you plot the same data outside of Projectwise, do you get your linestyles?

    In general, if using a managed workspace in ProjectWise and the dgn displays correctly when opened from ProjectWise in MicroStation, IPLOT should pick up the workspace information as well and plot correctly.  One instance when this may not occur is when the MicroStation set as the print engine is not integrated correctly with ProjectWise or not the same MicroStation used to display the file when opening from ProjectWise.  A good test is to open Microstation from the menu or desktop, do you get prompted to log into ProjecWise?

    If using local workspaces, is it possible that you are using some other configuration when opening MicroStation such as a shortcut referencing a -wc option?  If you are using a customization for MicroStation, you have to make this same information available to Interplot by defining this same information in iplot.cfg, IPLOT_MSENGINE_OPTIONS.

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