What product has to be loaded to find and use dpr.pltcfg?

We are working on a ProjectWise project and need to create a DPR file from a map we have as a dgn file in Bentley Map. 

Searching for information on DPR files leads us to the need to have a dpr.pltcfg file.  This file is not available in a standard install of MicroStation or Bentley Map.  As an experiment I took the hpgl2.pltcfg and saved it as dpr.pltcfg.  I then replaced the name of the driver with dpr.  When I try and use the driver it complains that their isn't a dpr.ma file in the ..\MicroStation\mdlsys\asneeded folder.  In looking through the asneeded folder I found that there is a dprdriver.ma file so I changed the driver name in my dpr.pltcfg to dprdriver.  We used this to print and actually got it to create a dpr file.

I would prefer to use a standard dpr.pltfg rather than my cobbled up version.


What software from Bentley comes with the dpr.pltcfg file?

Would the dpr.pltcfg file work even if it's only used with MicroStation or Bentley Map?  (From my experimenting I'm assuming this is a yes)

Is there any way to get a copy of the dpr.pltcfg file without installing other products?