Substituting text with PW's user description instead of OS's user name using Iplot

With rendition we use text substitution to get user’s full name (which is user’s description) on PDF. However, if the user plots directly to plotter the plot shows his username (CHARACTERS == '$UserName$' in design script) . Is there a way we I can use the substitution to get user’s description from the ProjectWise instead of username from OS?

For example: if the user’s name is u012346 and his description in PW is Joe Smith I want to get Joe Smith on the plot.

  • The following will work with iCS for PDF:

    if (characters == "$USER") then

       envr_var = "RENDSVC_USERDESC"

       characters = envr_value


    However, IPLOT does not have logic to process PW variables other than those documented in the Help. Enhancement 746843 is filed.

    Enhancement 746843: Requesting design script text substitution variable to print the ProjectWise User description.