PW Interplot color issue

Hello All,

First at all, I'm not a PW admin, I don't know how to setup Iplot for PW.  Our PW admin is too busy to investigate my problem, so I raise the question here to get the answer to show our PW admin.

Please see the attachments, the logo OZ is a picture, which color is orange in MS, and the color used to be correct in PDF. But now the color in PDF becomes yellow. I did test on the PDF server, print it with Iplot application, the color is correct(orange). I guess the problem is caused by Iplot color table. Open Iplot I can specify the color table, but how to set it in PW?


  • I assume that you are getting the wrong output (yellow color), when you are printing from ProjectWise integrated MicroStation and the color table you observe in the IPLOT window is the difference. To correct this, use the same color table when printing from MicroStation.

    Either you can call the color table in MicroStation using the Color Table dialog which can be accessed from-

    Ribbon : File > Settings > File > Color Table

    Key-in: DIALOG COLOR

    Else you can browse for and attach the color table in the Pen Table field in the Print dialog.

    - Whichever works for you.