Convert .dgn / dwg files to .pdf with i-Model Composition Server / ProjectWise


Is there any way to automate a process that would pick a file from a directory on the server where i-Model Composition Server runs, then save it into ProjectWise, then convert the newly uploaded file to .pdf, saves in a local folder, then deletes the document from ProjectWise?

Thanks for you help. Slight smile

  • You can use ICS to create PDFs from design/drawing files located only inside ProjectWise. ICS does not process files directly from the local drive. Also ICS can publish PDFs only inside of ProjectWise.

    In case you need to create pdfs locally from design files located locally in the server, you can use the ProjectWise Interplot Organizer application. However, this cannot be automated. You will have to run this manually. The process can be automated if the files are located inside ProjectWise.