Do you have a pretty long error message starting with 'Error Calling Rendition Web Service...' when you try to submit rendition from ProjectWise Explorer?

Have you ever tried to submit a rendition from ProjectWise Explorer and got any of these long messages pop-up,

Something like this,

When you do get them, you need to check on the following points-

1. In IIS Manager > Application Pools, make sure RenditionServiceAppPool is Started. If it is running, check the Identity credentials. Confirm the password has not expired.

2. Make sure IIS is setup correctly with all the required roles and features-

  • Select the Start Menu on your computer. In the “Search programs and files” key in field, type in Server Manager. Select “Server Manager” from the search list.
  • In Server Manager, expand and select Roles from the left pane and allow the right pane to update.
  • Verify that Web Server (IIS) is installed as a role. If it is not, then select “Add Roles” to install “Web Server (IIS).
  • Verify that the Web Server Role Services listed below are installed-
    • Web Server
               Common HTTP Features
                   • Static Content
                   • Default Document
                   • HTTP Errors
              Application Development
                   • ASP.NET
                   • .NET Extensibility
                   • ASP
                   • ISAPI Extensions
                   • ISAPI Filters
                   • Server Side Includes
          Health and Diagnostics
                   • HTTP Logging
                   • Request monitor
          Security
                   • Basic Authentication
                   • Windows Authentication
                   • Client Certificate Mapping Authentication
          Management Tools
                   • IIS Management Console
                   • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
                                o IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility
                                o IIS 6 WMI Compatibility
                                o IIS 6 Scripting Tools
                                o IIS 6 Management Console
  • Note that other Web server Role Services may be installed, but are not mandatory.
  • In Server Manager, select the Features from the left pane. Look for .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features. Under the .NET Framework 3.5.1 Features verify that WCF Activation and Message Queuing is installed as the image above shows. If this is not installed, Select Add Features to add the feature.
  • Depending on the configuration of the system, you might require Dynamic Compression.

3. Look inside the dmskrnl.cfg file inside the Integration Service machine-

Do you see the IP address/FQDN of the ICS server in the Trusted Server section?

Copy the Rendition Web Service URL. Can you browse the Rendition Web Service URL from both the ICS Server and Integration Server machine? Do you get the message of a service being created?

4. It is recommended to use the same service account (domain listed) for running the ProjectWise Integration Service, ProjectWise Orchestration Framework service and Application Pool's Identity. Otherwise there might be a mismatch of handshakes and you can never get the Rendition Web Service URL to work with SSL using 443 port. Make sure the service account is added to Administrator's group inside the respective servers.

How to do it-

We received a case where PW Integration Service and PW Orchestration Framework were running under different service accounts. We were not able to make the rendition web service URL with https (i.e. using port 443). Finally we had to run it with port 80 (http). It can be unsecured but you can do it if the server machine is not open to external networks.