Renditions plotting a dashed line style of the pattern/hatch area inside complex shape incorrectly?

If you have a pattern/hatch inside a complex non-rectangular shape in your design file, ICS renditions may not plot the dashed line style of the pattern correctly.

This is because of a limitation of the driver utilized by ProjectWise Interplot Organizer (working in the background for ICS) which is not able to clip and process the hatch area correctly.

There are a few ways to bypass this issue in case you encounter it in your rendition outputs-

  1. Open the design file in MicroStation. Use the key-in ‘drop pattern’ on the hatch inside the complex shape.
  2. Use the key-in ‘hatch element’ to bring up the Hatch Area dialog. Disable ‘Associative Pattern’. This is applicable to MicroStation V8i only.
  3. Use a custom line style for patterning the hatch instead of a built-in line style.
  4. Enable Rasterize inside the SET file.

Options 1 and 2 has a limitation for CAD designers. Both methods convert the hatch into a group of single individual dashed lines. If the designer tries to change the hatch area and the engulfing complex shape in future, the hatch pattern will not follow the shape. In other words, the designer has to delete the existing hatch and re-create it after changing the complex shape. Option 4 will give a rasterized PDF without the intelligent data like searchable text or hyperlink. Option 3 is the recommended way.