ProjectWise InterPlot for Excel Files

Hello All - I was recently asked to create a job on our ProjectWise iCS for PDF server that would render PDFs from Excel files, *.XLSM in this case. I am having issues getting the PDFs to print where it fits all the data on the page.

My first attempt, I created a settings file (*.set) in InterPlot Organizer where I only set the Paper Size option to "Choose paper size by document" and nothing else. When I test it, the page in the PDF is zoomed in to a small portion of the entire sheet content I need printed. Screenshot 1 (screenshot1.png) shows the PDF after printing, Screenshot 2 (screenshot2.png) shows the Excel sheet with the content needing printed (zoomed out to show the content in Excel.)

My second attempt, I edited the settings file and changed the "Paper Size" to "Print all pages on specified paper size" and selected "Tabloid". When I tested it, the page in the PDF was still zoomed in to a small portion of the entire sheet content.

For my third attempt, I left the "Paper Size" set to "Do not set" just to see what happens, same results as attempt #1 and #2.

If anyone has guidance on how I can get these sheets to print properly, I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thank you.