ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.1 Release

What’s New in ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.1?

ProjectWise Design Integration

ProjectWise Design Integration Update 3.0 Released for:

  • ProjectWise Design Integration Server
  • ProjectWise Design Integration Administrator
  • ProjectWise Explorer

Key features in this release include:

  • Azure Search service (tech Preview): This service utilizes the Azure search service for indexing and searching, replacing the Windows Search Service and Microsoft Indexing Service.  
  • File update time rendered to local time in ProjectWise Explorer (UTC Fix): Previously file time stamps in PW Explorer were displayed relative to the PWDI server or database server.  They are now displayed relative to the end user's local time.  However, the audit trail will still display the server time. 
  • MicroStation CONNECT Edition support for MS CE updates 8, 9,10.   

Other features in this release are:

  • Workflow Rules Engine Improvement
    • Add support for Item Flags  

  • ProjectWise Network Configuration applet improvements
    • No Admin privileges needed to run the applet
  • WSG PW Plug-in improvements for U3.1
    • Change State operations added
    • "Soft Delete" through PwWsgPlugin added
  • PWDI Installer (Client/Server) Improvements
    • Latest WSG installer added
    • Removed Project Sync Service & ProjectWise Indexing service installers
    • PW analytical upload service moved to PW admin
  • Civil 3D improvements
    • Improve Audit trail records
    • Improved Warning and Error Messaging
    • Cut & Paste Data Shortcut improvements
    • Improvements around the UI
    • Improved error handling
    • Project Editor shows broken references created from removed data shortcuts
  • Revit improvements
    • Improved Integration with Issues Resolution Service
    • Improved Integration with Project Share publishing
    • UI improvement - Reorder Project Folders
    • UI improvements for right click menus
    • Improved Error messaging
    • Improved RFA integration
    • Added support for Bluebeam 2017 PDF and PDF Xchange 7 print drivers for publishing.
    • Improved logging
  • AutoCAD Improvements
    • UI improvements
    • PDF publishing improvements


  • .NET 4.5.1 required for CONNECT Client and is delivered with installer
  • iCS for PDF is delivered with the ProjectWise Design Integration Server setups.
  • iCS for i-models features are delivered as part of Bentley Automation Service
  • ProjectWise Automation Service has been rebranded as Bentley Automation Service and is no longer delivered with ProjectWise Integration Server.
  • Bentley Automation Service requires a new Orchestration framework which is delivered as part of the Installer.
  • ProjectWise Administrator and ProjectWise Design Integration Server must be the same version.

 For a more comprehensive list of new features and compatibility considerations for ProjectWise Design Integration, please see the readme delivered with product

For a listing of applications and versions supported with ProjectWise design Integration, please refer to the "ProjectWise Version Support Matrix" Available online at Docs.Bentley.Com. This Matrix is updated regularly as new information becomes available, so please refer to it often.

Note: The release of ProjectWise Design Integration support both V8i and Connect generation Licenses and is the upgrade path for all ProjectWise generation.

The use of CONNECT features requires a Cloud Services Subscription and sign in with your Bentley ID. To learn more about Cloud Services Subscription, visit:Cloud Services Subscription If you do not already have a Bentley ID, go to your Bentley Profile and choose the Sign Up Now link.

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