• Powerdraft Update 13
    Bentley View Update 13
    AutoCAD/Civil 3D/Revit 2020

Feature Highlight - Application Integration

  • Improved handling of AutoCAD printing
  • Civil 3D Pipe Network Catalog Integration
  • Office technical debt
  • MicroStation technical debt

Feature Highlight - Administrators

  • Remove user defined application associations from PW Administrator
  • Side by side install of PW Admin module along with PW Explorer 3.3
    • See note below
  • New Attribute Exchange commandlets in PowerShell

Feature Highlight - PW WEB

  • Edit a document's environment attribute values
  • Change the environment interface
  • Apply PWDI datasource specific Views in PW Web
Feature Highlight - Geospatial Management
  • Assign spatial location to folder or document
  • ArcMap 10.7 iDesktop Integration 
  • Required PW Explorer and PW Admin 3.3 

    Release Notes:

    While this release includes a ProjectWise Administrator module that does not have a corresponding PWDI Server version, the rule about mixing versions on the same machine still apply. The reason for this is to allow both ProjectWise Administrator 3.3 and ProjectWise explorer version 3.3 to be installed on the same machine. This version of ProjectWise Administrator can only be used to administer a ProjectWise Datasources. This version of ProjectWise Administrator cannot be installed on the same machine as PWDI 3.2 Server. It can only be installed alongside a machine that also has PW Explorer 3.3.