Changes coming soon to the ProjectWise Content Management Community

What’s happening?

  • We are Reorganizing and Rebranding the Bentley ProjectWise Community. On the Product Communities page, when you click the link for Projectwise, it currently takes you to “Content Management” and under that is several sub communities. It is time to reorganize.

Why are we reorganizing?

  • Projectwise has grown and continues to grow with new products and features.
  • Right now, information is in several different communities which makes searching for content troublesome.

 What’s changing?

  • The term “Content Management” is going away and being replaced with “ProjectWise”
  • When you click on ProjectWise on the Product Communities page it will take you to a new “ProjectWise” welcome page.
  • From there you can click on the Wiki, Forum, Blog and Files buttons that will take you to all the Projectwise content.
  • The Projectwise Design Integration Wiki will be reorganized in a folder like structure by product. (ProjectWise Design Integration Server, Administrator, Explore, etc..)

How will this benefit us?

  • Searching will be easier and provide better search results.
  • Organizing the content by product will make it easier to find what you are looking for when navigating the page.

When will this happen?

  • We are targeting sometime in the next two weeks for the new landing page to be completed and following that, the content will be reorganized and updated as an on-going project.