ProjectWise Drive 2022.01.328.0 released for General Availability

This Drive release delivers significant new capabilities to work with files and applications in ProjectWise’s collaborative cloud environment.

Drive users can open a file for editing from desktop application via File Explorer. Those files can now be automatically checked out for editing and checked back in when the file is closed. Additionally, newly created files in Drive can be automatically added to ProjectWise. As in previous versions, users will continue to enjoy ProjectWise document management features including permissions, manual checkout, and document numbering.

Those users who prefer to stay in a browser environment will benefit from being able to open files in desktop applications directly from ProjectWise Web pages.

For engineering application users, Drive now supports working with compound documents by ensuring consistent location for the referenced data.

As a result of all these improvements, design teams will be able to expand the range of engineering applications they can use to collaborate in their ProjectWise design projects.

Following this release, ProjectWise Drive version 2021.2.89.0 or earlier will be no longer supported after June 30th, 2022.

For a complete list of enhancements go to What’s New in ProjectWise Drive.

To learn how to download and install ProjectWise Drive go to Installing ProjectWise Drive.