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ProjectWise User Sync for PW Web

We are pleased to announce that starting on Monday, 6/20/2022, we will be enabling user sync for all of our users. 

*Please Note: This requires the ProjectWise Plug-in for WSG CONNECT Edition Update 3.4 R4 ( or later) which was just recently posted to Software Downloads.  You can get it here (with valid software download rights):  

Description: When auto user sync is enabled in the primary work area connection, the current participants of the work area are automatically added to the team members list of the ProjectWise project. ProjectWise Web will then synchronize the project with the work area participants list every 24 hours (UTC - 0) to make sure the team members list in the project is always up to date. In order to turn this setting on, the connection must be the primary connection.


This is our first version of this application.  We will continue to push additional functionality over the course of the year.  For example, we will soon sync users who have been deleted.

Thank you