ProjectWise Web update - June 2022

The changes are available in ProjectWise Work Area Connections application in CONNECT and Document section in ProjectWise 365

  • UI update for Open, Checkout, Free

Document open, checkout, check in and free commands moved to the top of menus and toolbar. Open in desktop app does not perform a permanent checkout and allows Drive to make automatic checkout, if needed. ‘Open read-only in desktop app’ was merged into ‘Open in desktop app’ and will ask for read-only option when it is possible.

  • Confirmations when freeing documents and ending co-authoring

End Office 365 co-authoring lists users who participated in the session and ask for confirmation to proceed to avoid accidental data loss because session was closed prematurely. 

  • Allow New Version for documents marked as Final 
  • Issues fixed:
    • Files with some special characters in name failed to be uploaded using DCW
    • Fixed view selection issue on Out to me page
    • Sometimes Document Creation Wizard picklist values were empty in attribute form
    • Other fixes