Navigator Connect, View Display and Attributes


Been playing around with the new Navigator Connect edition.

Overall looks like a step in the right direction. Very 'clean' and devoid of clutter. I hope this indicates a move to more streamlined apps from Bentley rather than what has often been seeminlgly 'let's cram in as much as we can' sort of approach.

Quick testing seems to indicate if performs well on the ipad and my laptop (i7 2nd gen with an ATI 6770 dedicated graphics)

Couple of things

Pleased to see that you can bring up the model tree in a 'side panel'. This is far preferable to the bottom 'strip' IMHO.

However, seems you can only have either the Models or the Properties, not both at the same time (in a tabbed arrangement). Am I missing something here?

There doesn't seen to be a Control Panel or settings for the Display Style or View Attributes???????

How does one go about changing the Display Style?

Perhaps the intention is to keep the model totally 'read only' to the extent that the Display Style is fixed on what it was when the imodel was created??????

This seems a bit of an omission if that is the case. The range of Display Styles was/is one of the Bentley products stronger points. How do you change the lighting (daytime, night time?????)

The buttons are a bit on the large side. Presumably this is aimed at the touchscreen experience, ..... for that they are probably about the right size. Though for desktop, and particularly on a laptop, they look a bit chunky,..... not a big deal I guess, but an option for asmaller size would be nice