Clash Detection Reverse Logic needed

Hello, Community

I am experienced  Autodesk (Navisworks) user, and implementing 3D coordination workflow on large infrastructure project. I use Bentley Navigator.

I noticed that Bentley Navigator does not have ability to do the "reverse" of clash detection - at least in the way how rules are defined.

All the rules are "suppression" rules- Navigator is "tuned" to find clashes only and to weed out false-positives.

Navis is able to use exactly same mechanism of geometry comparison, - but the opposite way - it can suppress identical objects and to report differences in geometry.

hence- "Model Compare" functionality in Navisworks is missing, but I hope it is possible to recreate it using certain combination of rules.

Please, advise if anyone did that already.


  • Adding more focused data: clash rules at this point are uneditable templates, using simple logic, but all tuned to detect and suppress "similarities"; if one could be opening the logic expression for :
    Suppress clash if one of the clashing elements has <Property Value> NOT equal to <Property Value> on the other clashing element.
    so, if someone could be able to explain to me how to set relationship to NOT EQUAL, and 2: which schema retrieves GUID/elementID- that would be my solution! together with
    Suppress clashes if one of the elements has the property <Point Property> which is on the line formed by the <Point Property> of the other element, within a tolerance of 3 mm.
    will give me only elements that are same by ID but now mislocated from each other (i.e. different).

    another check ( in different iteration i presume) will be if every clashing element have a "pair" in the other model, and if not- highlight it
    with either "element was there but no longer there" or"element is newly created".
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