Clash Detection - 2D lines

We are currently in the process of developing a clash detection strategy and where most of the models have been created using AECOsim, we are looking to use the clash detection tools contained within the software.  However the models contain a large number of 2D line segments that exist in the 3D space and we will need to run proximity checks on these particular lines.  We were hoping to use Solibri only but we can't export the 2D elements to IFC.  I tried using the clash detection tools in AECOsim and Navigator and neither were able to pick up the 2D elements.  My question is, does anyone know of a way to run clash detection within AECOsim or Navigator that detects the 2D components or is there a way of exporting these lines to IFC.  At the moment, Navisworks is the only clash detection software that is able to pick up these elements and clash against them.