Navigator Connect - need a viewer for DNGs and look like V8I

With V8I not being supported, is there a Bentley product that will help me with the following:

  • We create our 2D drawings in MicroStation Connect Edition 11 so they have .dgn (this is working for us)
  • We put copies of the 2D drawing (dgn) on a different drive so other departments can view them and not change our originals.
    • The other departments have NO CAD experience. We created simple buttons, so they can select the button and place text, mark it up and print.
    • Today we use Navigator V8I SELECT series 6 (which works good for them)
    • I downloaded the Navigator Connect and it does Imodels and when I opened it I know our departments will not be able to handle using it.
  • So if Navigator Connect is my only option is there a way I can open DGNs and can I make it look like V8I?

  • Hi Rebecca,

    a small contradiction exists in your question: You are asking about DGN viewer, but in the text you mentioned redlining, which is not viewing, but extra functionality.

    As you realized, Bentley Navigator V8i, which was always targeted primarily to 3D models and reviewing functionality (markups, issues...) and was based on MicroStation engine, has been discontinued. But still two options exist: Bentley View CONNECT Edition and Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition.

    For viewing (primarily 2D files) Bentley offers Bentley View, both in V8i and (after many complains from users) also in CE version. In relation to your post, the features are:

    • It's the only (free) viewing product available now,
    • It offers GUI based on MicroStation, the same configuration system etc. It offers CONNECT Edition GUI, which is "acceptably similar" to V8i GUI.
    • It does not offer any redlining or markup functionality.
    • I am not sure whether customization is supported or not.

    Bentley Navigator CONNECT Edition is based on completely different technology, which is not necessarily bad, but it offers different set of pros and cons:

    • A core format is i-model (currently 1.6 version is supported)...
    • ... but it also supports DGN, DWG and I guess also some others. When these formats are opened, they are converted to i-model at background.
    • It does not support any customization.
    • It supports markups, but only as part of issue resolution workflow using ProjectWise Issue Resolution service. I have no personal experience with this service and cloud sharing, so I am not able to provide more details.
    • A crucial problem (in my opinion) is that Navigator as primarily 3D tool does not support well plain 2D design files. I am not sure whether there is any problem on my side, but when I publish 2D file to i-model and open it in Navigator, nothing is displayed.

    With regards,


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