Navigator Connect - need a viewer for DNGs and look like V8I

With V8I not being supported, is there a Bentley product that will help me with the following:

  • We create our 2D drawings in MicroStation Connect Edition 11 so they have .dgn (this is working for us)
  • We put copies of the 2D drawing (dgn) on a different drive so other departments can view them and not change our originals.
    • The other departments have NO CAD experience. We created simple buttons, so they can select the button and place text, mark it up and print.
    • Today we use Navigator V8I SELECT series 6 (which works good for them)
    • I downloaded the Navigator Connect and it does Imodels and when I opened it I know our departments will not be able to handle using it.
  • So if Navigator Connect is my only option is there a way I can open DGNs and can I make it look like V8I?

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