Add new i Model to Navigator as reference

How to add I model or dgn file to an exiting file opened in Bentley navigator connect edition?

this feature was available in the Select Series version.

  • Hi Nadeem,  I have asked this question many times of Bentley and really don't get any viable answers.  Direction to a single.imodel file appears crazy.  We have very very large plant models built up of 100's of reference files and to republish the entire plant every time a part of it is changed does not work.

    Unfortunatley we are in the process of finding ways to export Microstation data to Navisworks as this now seems to have a better functionality for large plant models and keeping them updated in a more real time enviroment.  Real shame as our previous method of users being able to re publish individual i.dgn files and then reviewers just using the reference dialog to reload worked really well.  Our reviewing Engineers need to be able to make comments and these changes to be re looked at in a very short space of time not wait until the next day for the entire model to be republished.

    As a side note we have almost found it impossible to publish our entire plant models to one .imodel file.  It always crashes

    I hope someone from Bentley can share a better workflow but i believe they don't have a viable solution at present.