Point Clouds in Navigator.

It is my  understanding that Point Clouds are not supported in Navigator Connect Edition.  Why is this?

This is not supportable to my clients, they want productions and I cannot provide them.

What is the alternative to the importation of point clouds into Bentley products and their usage for project development.

I have read that integration of point clouds into Navigator has been in "development" but that was back in 2016.

What is the status of this and when can we expect it?  Or has Bentley abandon the process altogether?

How is clash detection now handled since it once was done in Navigator?

  • As our technology has been evolving, Bentley has refocused our efforts on moving that functionality into our newest iTwins offerings, which for these questions would be iTwins Design Review. https://www.bentley.com/en/products/product-line/digital-twins/itwin-design-review

    As we progressed in our development with the point clouds, clash detection and mark-ups within Navigator, it became apparent that we needed to focus on a truly collaborative environment, and the move to the cloud hosted iTwins Services, that allows us that power and flexibility.

  • So how does this help me?  Are you saying I need to purchase something else now? That is not going to go over well with my managers, after all we purchased Navigator for this.  If I do need other programs what are they?

      My needs are rather simple I want to be able to review my design and check for clash detection and clearances in a electrical substation design. I don't need to collaborate with others, or need to share this data, I am the designer and all I need to do to determine where my issues are so I can correct them.  I really don't need any cloud services to do this.

    Brian MacCartney

    Senior Designer, Electrical