Navigator CE Download


Where i can download Navigator CE? The distribution is missing from the download center.

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  • Hi Dmitry,

    You may want to check ITDR out anyway.

    Looking at Mstn CE Update 15, it is being integrated into Mstn. Update 14 includes a Synchronizer.

    ITDR should be a lot faster. Apparently, it uses a HLOD file format that is designed to handle massive files. Mstn does not support this for dgns but does handle reality meshes and point clouds this way, apparently.

    Not sure if the imodels that are Ref attached in Mstn are streamed like this as well.

    In any case, ITDR should be a lot faster than Navigator and can be used in conjunction with versioning to enable more selective clash detection. Something that was sorely missed in Navigator.

    I believe that there is also some Synchro and LumenRT integration planned. There is also iTwins Design Validation. This combined with the Issues Resolution Service introduced in Update 10  should be able to handle and go beyond those tasks that were previously handled by Navigator and Navisworks.

    if you are barred from using the web, then it may be still possible to do clash detection using imodels.... which I understand can be Ref attached in Mstn.