Bentley DGN Navigator Control for viewing DGNs and i-models in ProjectWise Explorer


For viewing i-models in ProjectWise Explorer do I need to upgrade the Integration Server also or it is enough to upgrade the client?

I got the info from Molly Watts ( that it should not require in an uprade to Integration Server.

After installed the*.590 version I cannot use this tool for i-model, so

- it is either a misunderstanding and the support is true for i.dgn and not i-model

- or it is require to upgrade the Integration Server as well.

Can sombody please advice. Thank you in advance.

  • I think this is a misunderstanding. The .IMODEL format is a mobile i-model, intended for use with the Navigator Mobile app. A mobile i-model contains the packaged i-model (.I.DGN), plus any supporting documents you have chosen to embed with it. The Navigator tab in ProjectWise Explorer (which contains the embedded Bentley DGN Navigator Control) is used to display full size previews of DGNs and i-models (I.DGN). I agree that it's totally confusing that an .IMODEL file is not the same as an i-model (.I.DGN).

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