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Hi forum,

Trying to view an imodel on the iPad. I've created my i model, published it via Publisher, put it into Dropbox... but that's where my trail to view it on the iPad ends. Navigator instructions end at this point and it doesn't tell you how to get it from your cloud service onto Bentley Navigator Mobile? i cant open it from Dropbox with Navigator and the Navigator App itself doesnt appear to have a 'find' or 'gotoo' folder button. It seems to have 3 standard demo projects on.

Am i missing something simple?

  • Hi Andi,

     There are a couple of things to check to properly diagnose the issue.  the first one is to make sure you are signed into the app.  Please start the Navigator Mobile app by its self and make sure you sign in.  if you are not presented with a sign on page at start up please go to the settings icon (gears image) in the upper right and ensure you are signed in.  We do not allow you to view your own files unless this is done.  

    If you are signed in the next thing to check is the type of file you are trying to open.  We are in the middle of a transition and currently there are 2 types of I-models.  the .i.dgn file extension I-models are based on the DGN file format and will only work with windows based applications like Bentley Navigator V8i or MicroStation.  the .imodel file extension I-models, commonly refer to as "mobile I-models" are the only models that Navigator Mobile will open.  it is easy to convert your .i.dgn files to .imodels using an application called Navigator Mobile Publisher which can be found in SELECTdownloads.  You can also publish .imodels directly using ProjectWise I-model Composition Server.

    I suspect that the problem you are having should be resolved by following one of these two actions.

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  • Thanks Joe

    I actually solved it but hadn't got round to posting. It was the extension type and up to date version of Navigator Publisher. Id downloaded an early version which appeared to produce i.dgns and i needed to download a newer version from Select Series site and that version produces i-models which pushed to DropBox and then open from there into Navigator Mobile on the iPad

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