Civil 3D Data Shortcut bug

C3D 2014 w/ PW w/ Integration Module

We have discovered an issue when a profile is physically stored in a file different than its alignment (parent). PW is not remapping the path to the DMS location for the attribute called "parentAlignmentGeometryFileName". This attribute only exists when, as stated, the profile's parent alignment is in a different file, thus the issue does not exist unless your data is stored like this. 

Observation indicates that the person who originally creates the Data Shortcut is who's DMS full path is being saved to the XML. Future uses of the product result is location and as such, they are fine. The issue exists for all other users- when the Data Shortcut file is sent to their local DMS and unpacked, it rewrites paths to properly map to this users DMS, but parentAlignmentGeometryFileName is not being re-written this way, thus the breakage.

I did see that there is a slightly newer Integration Module (799) release just a few weeks ago, but it appeared to be for C3D 2015.

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