Moving files, automatically

I'am looking for a way to move files from one folder to another, either by using the Rules Engine, or eg the distributions service. One example could be when changing status, moving the file to another folder ? Anybody tried this ?

  • There are several ways to approach this. You can have distribution service find all documents with a status and move them to one location. I have done this several years ago and it worked. It searches and moves documents each time the job is run.
  • Interesting, beacuse my distribution service, only knows how to copy files. I'am using the Distribution Service inside the Orchestration Framework Administrator. And have severals job running there. But here it´s just a mirror of files. I'am looking for a way to move them from one folder to another. I do not have a Distribution Server.
  • Dean/Michael,

    Has this subject progressed at all? Is there a way that files can be "moved" with Distribution Service? I have been involved with DS for a number of years, but I have to agree with Michael in that we have only been able to "Copy" files. The "Move" has been referred to elsewhere, but I am unable to find any definitive documentation or support for this.

    This is a requirement we have now, and it is becoming more urgent. If anyone can assist that would be appreciated.

    We are using DS as part of our hosted PWONLINE solution and we have referred the question back to our MANAGEService support team on the Bentley side, but we have yet to get an answer from them that this can be done with DS. If they do report back I will update this post.
  • I do not have DS setup at this time, so I can't check. I used DS about 10 years ago, it may have changed, or I may have used it with a hook I wrote. Your best bet on getting what you need exactly is to write a Hook using the API in C++. The hook could trigger on state change or any other event you need it to and either perform the move action before that event took place, integrate it into the event takng place, or after the event takes place.  The dll  you create would have to be installed with registry entries on each client machine that you wanted the behavior on.

  • Hi Paul,

    As of right now there is nothing in PW that will move a file. The reason behind this is because a move is essentially a copy and delete, and there is nothing in the PW code that will do a massive delete without the user's interaction which is how PW has always been. The only way to "move" would be to use Distribution or iCS to copy the files and then any user would have to go in and manually delete the file.

    Also for your knowledge, Distribution will no longer be offered as a product in the next release of PW. iCS for PDF has replaced this and does a much better job because it can scale out and performance is much better. Supporting both, iCS is a cake walk compared to the pains myself and users have gone through with it over the years.


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