Selective Workspace Copy purge -More effective CAD Standard Management needed

If a file is removed from the Managed Workspace, it will still be utilized by MicroStation on client machines if it is not deleted or purged manually. This is problematic, as these "bad" files have the potential to cause standards compliance issues and can cause other issues such as project losses due to non-compliance of the CAD standard.

We are looking for a tool that purges specific latent copies of a Managed Workspace. An automated tool to do this is preferred.

For example, a file is removed from the Managed Workspace stored in ProjectWise. However, the current workflow of ProjectWise does not remove the latent cached copies. We need some way of effectively managing these latent copies, since we have no way of determining how many cached copies there are, and no way of knowing which machines need to purge erroneous file(s). Is there a tool or process that we can use? We are not looking for a manual workflow, but an automated fix.

  • Gary:

    You can use the Local Document Organizer in ProjectWise Explorer to purge locally cached copies.  In ProjectWise Explorer go to Tools-Local Document Organizer and select from the icons what type of local copy you want to purge.  Make sure you are selecting the correct Node that represents your local machine. It should list the local machine by default.  You also have the option to not enable Leave Local Copy on Check-in or free.  This is a User Setting.  

  • JackiS,
    Thank you for your reply. Of course it is possible to utilize LDO to manually purge files. However, here's the rub: A workspace is often updated. How do you know what machines need to be updated? How do you use LDO for those machines and external users who have latent old cached copies? There is no way to know this. If a file is deleted, If you rely on people telling others to delete their cache, you are asking for problems.

    PW being a document management system, should automatically manage documents for design collaboration. It should automatically manage the workspace cache to all client machines. PW should have some mechanism to automatically know that the file was deleted and delete the cached copy. This could be programmatically accomplished.

    Also, if you check on the user setting ability to not enable on checkin or free, you are saying that the workspace must be downloaded each and every time a file is opened. Not an acceptable workflow as it takes too long to download larger workspaces.

    Bottom line, we need this improved.

  • Gary:

    All valid points, but technically users should not be working from the local workdir so you shouldn't have those issues. With DFT enabled ProjectWise will download only the changes made to a file, which is why local copies are cached. If a workspace changes the new workspace is automatically downloaded. Think of it in a similar manner as you would temporary internet files/cookies. They need to be deleted manually periodically or you can opt to only keep files the cached for a certain period of time or restrict the size of the temp folder. What I'm thinking is that maybe Projectwise could do something similar?

  • Let me explain the issue once more:

    We are referring to the Managed Workspace cached files that are deleted by the CAD Administrator. The issue is that if the Managed Workspace files, say a cell library or dgnlib is deleted from ProjectWise datasource, it is retained in the client machine's local cache, and used by MicroStation until it is manually purged. However, this manual purge is at issue.

    There needs to be some sort of automated procedure to clean up deleted files in MW's. If the file exists locally, it is removed immediately just as MW files are updated immediately. Similar to how SynchToy tool can be configured to work.

  • Jacki, we've had this issue using managed workspaces as well, and I am in 100% agreement with Gary here.
    ProjectWise will only update files in the managed workspace that it considers managed, i.e. that it has a copy of. Once a file is deleted from the source folder in ProjectWise it is no longer managed and therefore is ignored at the PC. This creates problems for MicroStation or Power-based applications that are loading contents of folders in addition to specific files.
    There currently is no automatic way of removing files in the local folder structure that have been deleted by the administrator in the PW structure. This in turn can create errors at the workstation if the user is unknowingly using incorrect files in the workspace.
  • Gary and Scott, this is a known issue (defect 28061) and in the meantime, I believe there are tools created by Bentley Professional Services that might help at the least report on variables used in your MicroStation session. I am not sure of the specifics and/or availability of these tools, but your account manager should be able to help out on that side of things.

    Answer Verified By: Molly Watts 

  • Hi, well I just stumbled on this issue....... This could cause huge issues to say the least. The whole point of a Managed Workspace is so a CAD admin can ensure his users have the latest, and more importantly, correct set of config files! What is the status of this please?? This needs to be resolved.
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